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Silk Plaster


Surface Preparation:

The application of SILK PLASTER decorative coating is very simple. Anyone can handle it even without any special training. You don't need any special equipment, just a plastic trowel. Application of SILK PLASTER is much easier than applying cotton plaster or any other type of decorative plaster.

First of all, the surface should be dry, clean and evenly white, without any stains. Therefore remove old wallpaper and nails etc. If necessary, cover any areas affected by fungus with antiseptic, remove dust and dry the wall.

If you don’t strip the wall of old wallpaper, glue, paint, plaster, wood or metal screws and nails, these remnants can form rust and yellow stains on the surface. To prevent rusty stains cover any bolts, screws, nails, tacks etc, with white oil-based paint.

When you have a dry and clean wall, you should begin by priming the wall. We recommend applying 2-3 layers of original SILK PLASTER Primer.

Allow 24 hours drying time between layers. In the absence of the original SILK PLASTER primer use any strong, waterproof primer or white oil-based paint. We recommend oil-based paints. Then apply a dull white water-based paint. To choose the best primer option please consult with the seller in your country. We are always at your service.ツ

Metallic, old and/or wooden surfaces (for example, old wallpaper, glue, old paint, plaster, wood screws and nails, iron fittings) should be well prepared with special primers or oil-based paints. Then it is necessary to apply one layer of white dull water-based paint on the top.

Application of Liquid Wallpaper:

1. Pour room temperature water into the plastic tub :

For each wall or ceiling surface prepared for application, it’s recommended to knead the number of packs to cover it entirely from corner to corner in one batch.


2. Add glitter into the water if necessary. Glitters are not included and are supplied separately. Shake the pack to disperse the mixture inside evenly. Pour out the mixture into the plastic tub and mix well by hand, straining through the fingers to avoid the formation of glue clots. The material is safe for the skin and health.

ATTENTION: We recommend a full kneading an entire pack. It is not for partial use. There are dry glue components stored in the packaging within the mixture. If only partially used, there can be a situation where the glue components are more concentrated in one area of the bag than in another due to storing and transportation. The concentration of glue pieces once kneaded may be not sufficient in the other part of the pack. That's why we only recommend kneading the entire pack.

  3.Leave the kneaded batch for the recommended period (12 hours) in order to attain a perfect consistency before applying. For convenient storage use the packaging bag. In order to make a batch of 3-4 bags, the same process must be completed for each bag individually. Then mix all of them together in the plastic tub [15-25 litres volume] well by hand for even consistency throughout. It is recommended to always combine bags together, so that the colour mixture is even, as minor color variations from batch to batch are possible.


4. Taking small portions, apply the soaked material with the plastic trowel evenly on the surface with a 1-2mm layer. Use the same batch to cover the surface from one corner to another. The plastic trowel must adjoin to the material at an angle of 10-15 degrees, forming a wedge. For an ideal application of SILK PLASTER in 1-2 hours, use light side movements, smooth out the surface with the plastic trowel, soaking it in water from time to time. SILK PLASTER liquid wallpapers Optima and Master can also be applied by a spray gun.

The pressure should be from 4 atmospheres and with a nozzle width of 4mm or more.

The indoor temperature must not fall below +15°C, humidity - normal. The drying time of liquid wallpapers is between 24-48 hours. It depends on the temperature, air circulation and humidity. It is highly recommended to ventilate the room by opening windows and/or turning on the air conditioner.

To avoid any rough surfaces and to achieve an even coverage, please follow the specified material consumption.

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